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Things to consider if you ask me to review your resume:

1 I'm not an expert on format/appearance. Don't bother asking for my advice on that, it won't be helpful
2 No matter who you have review your resume, they aren't perfect. Even me (I know that's hard to believe). Get multiple viewpoints, not just one.
3 If I give you advice and then later you send your resume to me, and you ignored all of my advice, including clear and obvious stuff, don't expect the response to be favorable.
4 I'm probably willing to review your resume. I'm not interested in passing it on to my employer.
5 My advice, if you read my threads, is not exactly sweet and kind. It's harsh and as accurate as I can make it. I'm not trying to be your friend, I'm trying to tell you how an employer views your resume. If you don't want my advice, don't ask for it.
6 I'll probably get it reviewed eventually, be patient. Remind me if I forget, I'll get around to it.
7 Don't send me resumes with grammar and typographical errors. Please have enough respect for my time to get somebody else to do that. Career Services at your local college, or a professional resume editor or something.
8 I'm not interesting in helping you with your ESL issues - get somebody at your University's Career Services or elsewhere to read it, I'm glad to help with the actuarial aspects.

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